February 23rd (Fri): Grade exam prep class, Gainesville on Zoom
February 24th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)
                                       Grade Exam prep classes, Ocoee

February 25th (Sun): Grade Exams, Ocoee studio, Afternoon

February 29th (Thu): SHOW - Evening, Gainesville (Gainesville dancers)

March 2nd (Sat): St. Patrick's Parade, Winter Park, FL 9am - 11am

March 3rd (Sun): Gainesville figures (2pm & 4pm)

March 9th (Sat): SHOW - Evening, The Villages (Gainesville dancers)

March 15th (Fri): SHOW - Daytime, Clermont (Ocoee dancers)
March 16th (Sat): SHOW - Mid-day, Winter Garden (Ocoee dancers)
                                  SHOW - Evening, Lake Eustis (Ocoee dancers)
                                 SHOW - Mid-day, Gainesville (Gainesville dancers)
March 17th (Sun): SHOW - Multiple venues (Ocoee dancers)
                                  SHOW - Multiple venues (Gainesville dancers)

March 23rd (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)

March 24th - 31st: NO CLASSES - World Championships, Glasgow, SCOT

April 13th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)

April 27th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)
April 28th (Sun): Gainesville figures (2pm & 4pm)

May 11th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)

May 18th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)
May 19th (Sun): Gainesville figures (2pm & 4pm)

May 21st (Tue): NO CLASS (Feis prep)
May 22nd (Wed): NO CLASS (Feis prep)

May 25th (Sat): Orlando Feis, Orlando, FL
May 26th (Sun): Alter Ego Feis, Orlando, FL

May 27th (Mon): NO CLASS (Post Feis)

June 8th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)
June 9th (Sun): Gainesville figures (2pm & 4pm)

June 17th - 27th: Summer classes, 1st session

June 21st-22nd: Orange State/ Cara dances on Feis, Fort Lauderdale, FL

June 30th - July 4th: North American Championships, Dallas, TX

July 1st - 19th: NO CLASSES - Summer break

July 15th - 19th: Oireachtas Camp

July 22nd - August 8th: Summer classes, 2nd session

July 29th - August 2nd: Summer camp, Ocoee (Open to all students)

August 10th: Fall classes resume
August 10th (Sat): Ocoee figures (10am-12pm)