March 27th - April 2nd - NO CLASSES (World Championships)

April 3rd - NO regular CLASSES
                    Drama Rehearsal 6pm - 8.30pm

May 26th & 27th - Orlando Feis

June 9th - Dance Drama Dress Rehearsal (12pm - 8pm)

June 12th - Recital

June 13th - 27th - First block of Summer classes (except June 18th)

June 23rd & 24th - Orange State Feis, Fort Lauderdale

June 30th - July 4th - North American Championships

July 9th - 13th - Oireachtas Camp (By invitation only)

July 23rd - Second block of Summer classes

August 13th - Fall classes resume

August 17th (6pm-9pm), 18th (11am-8pm), 19th (1pm-8pm) - 
                       Dance Drama Intensive

November 30th - December 1st - Oireachtas, Houston TX

Important dates