Watters School of Irish Dancing
What do we offer? 
Classes in Traditional Irish step dancing. 

Who can take class? 
We accept beginners aged 5 - 16 years.
We also accept older students who have studied Irish dance previously.

Do I have to be Irish?                   
Absolutely not. Many of our students have no Irish background whatsoever.
We welcome students of all races and ethnicities.

Do I have to compete? 
No, students may choose to dance recreationally for physical fitness, to celebrate their culture or just for pure enjoyment of this art form.

Can I compete? 
The Watters School is a fully accredited Irish dance school with CLRG, the worldwide Irish dance commission. Our dancers may compete at all feiseanna (Irish dance competitions) sanctioned by the North American Feis Commission and at International majors.

What is the school's competitive history? 
The Watters School enjoys a lot of competitive success. We have won multiple World, National and regional titles. We are also multiple time national and regional ceili and solo champions and qualify many solo dancers for World championships each year, including podium placers.

What else can I participate in? 
The school hosts an annual recital, grade exams, and fun workshops in addition to dance classes. 

415 N Clarke Rd
16 NW 7th Ave